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Erik Braam / A.M. Brikaer

Just to make sure you know who we are and what we do…

The Company
The company’s name is Brikaer Productions, it is owned by Erik Braam. To make it more complicated: some of you might know him as A.M. Brikaer.

The Websites
Brikaer Productions owns a few websites. Main websites are:

  • erikbraam.eu
    Main informative website about the photographer and YouTuber
  • shop.erikbraam.eu
    The Shop
  • brikaerproductions.com
    Creative platform

The Products
Brikaer Productions is all about Photography. In the shop you’ll find prints, books, e-books, gadgets, courses, workshops and lots more!
Unless otherwise stated, prints are sold without frame!

The Prices
Prices are shown including V.A.T.
If you live in Holland, tax-rate is set to 21%. If you live outside Holland, V.A.T. will be 0%. Depending on your local tax-laws it might be possible you have to pay V.A.T. in your country. Make sure you check this before you order anything. Brikaer Productions will not be responsible for paying your taxes.

We use Flat Shipping Rates:

  • Netherlands: € 9,- via PostNL, sign for delivery, Track and Trace
  • Europe: € 15,- via PostNL, sign for delivery, Track and Trace

Return policy
If the quality of a product is not satisfying to you, you can return the product and receive a refund. More details on how to do so can be found here.

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Third-party content
Websites of Brikaer Productions may show third-party content. Brikaer Productions cannot be held responsible for that content in any way. However: if you have any remarks or complaints, feel free to use our contact form to let us know. We will try to help you where we can.