Photo of Kloveniersburgwal, Amsterdam.
One of the many, beautiful canals in Amsterdam

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Photo of Kloveniersburgwal

FineĀ  Art Print

The name ‘Kloveniersburgwal’ comes from a division of the civic guards, the ‘kloveniers’, named after the gun the guards were armed with. The kloveniers met at the ‘Kloveniersdoelen‘ next to Swijgh Utrecht on the corner of the Kloveniersburgwal and the Nieuwe Doelenstraat. Later on their group-portrait, the famous painting ‘De Nachtwacht’ (by Rembrandt), hung in the ‘Kloveniersdoelen’. Nowadays, it is exhibited in the Rijksmuseum. Swijgh Utrecht was completely destroyed in 1882; the Doelenhotel was built there instead (Source: wikipedia)

This photo was taken whilst standing at the Nieuwmarkt looking in southern direction. At the left of the canal you will find Gusto, a great restaurant with original Italian kitchen. Coincidentally, this photo and others can be seen in this very same restaurant!

You can choose for Lustre print (budget) or High Quality FibaPrint (small, medium and large)

High resolution and high dynamic tonal range. High quality FibaPrint paper gives the photo a deep warm color temperature and a very matte print which will last for decades!

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